Super Bowl! aka Mission Sunday

Hey fam! The Super Bowl is a great opportunity to hang with our friends and neighbors…so, for this month’s Mission Sunday, let’s focus on hospitality and building relationships (while watching the big game, of course). No regular Watershed gathering, so eat some cheese dip and love some people.

Never alone. 12.22.2013

Celebrate the birth of our King with us tonight, 5:30 pm at 7813 Terrace St, KCMO.  Worship as a family, with an interactive Christmas story that will bring new meaning for young and old.

“I am not alone at all, I thought.
I was never alone at all.
And that, of course,
is the message of Christmas.
We are never alone.
Not when the night is darkest,
the wind coldest,
the world seemingly most indifferent.
For this is still the time God chooses.” (Taylor Caldwell)